Who Is Just For Us Ministries?

Just For Us Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women and youth into a personal relationship with Christ, equip women and youth to live boldly for Christ, and to grow in their faith. You can learn more about Just For Us Ministries at http://justforusministries.com

Is j4us.com a ministry only for women?

Although j4us.com is a ministry geared at bringing non-Christian women to Christ, and equipping Christian women for the service of Christ. This ministry primary focus is bringing the word of God to all people.http://justforusministries.com

Can anyone write for j4us.com?

Yes, we are looking for writers, people that want to share their testimonies, recipes, and poetry. j4us.com encourages writers to submit their materials for the j4us.com community. see “Circle Of Believers”

How Can I Submit Articles or Become a featured writer?

Just For Us Ministries-online is always looking for articles, poetry, devotionals, bible studies and more to help enhance our website. If God has placed on your heart to share your written work with us or He has placed on your heart to become a featured columnist please feel free to submit your work or to submit a request to become a “Featured Writer.” click here for details

Do Contributors, Writers, or Channel Hosts get paid?

No. Our entire ministry is run through phenomenal volunteers.

Who is the person that started this ministry?

See our section called “Our Founder” on the  menu under “About Us”

Do all ministry members have to belong to the same church?

No. Just For Us Ministries welcomes women and men form all worship styles. But it is essential that all members be of the Christian faith and they must all agree with our statement of faith.

What church is Just For Us Ministries affiliated with?

Just For Us Ministries is not affiliated with any church, or organization expect is own sister ministries. It’s leadership team is made up of individuals that love the Lord but attend there own churches.

Who Is Just For Us Ministries-Online?

Just For Us Ministries- Online reaches women of all ages, backgrounds, economic levels, and spiritual maturity levels through devotions, evangelism tools, bible studies, resources, online communities, prayer real-life solutions and events, conferences and retreats. Our approach is to offer real women sharing real life victories and how they deal with real issues in a world that makes it hard to keep her sanity. You can learn more about Just For Us Ministries online community (j4us.com) at https://j4us.com/about-j4us

Does Volunter Editors, Writers, and Channel Host have to live in the same city?

No. We have host, contributors, editors, and writers from all over.

Where are the writers for j4us.com located?

j4us.com’s writers come from all over the nation even as close as hometown as Missouri to as far away as Hawaii. j4us.’s writers reflect the women who visit the community they are from all walks of life. Visit “Meet Our Writers” to learn more

Where can I find help or counseling?

Please Note: Neither Just For Us Ministries nor any of its sister ministries can offer counseling or advice. Please consult with your local pastor or Christian counseling center for help. We are able to share, pray, and listen. click here for details.

How can I get Shelle to speak for my event?

How is this ministry funded?

This ministry is funded by “Shelle” the founder of the ministry. She has a regular 9 to 5 and a considerable portion of that goes to supporting the ministry. Shelle’s brother,mom and sister also aid in supporting the ministry. God has been good we have not had to take on advertisers to fund the cost of running his mega site. That has been a blessing.

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