Our Mission & Purpose

Just For Us Ministries Online Community j4us.com’s Purpose Statement…

It is my goal to provide substantial support to women and young adult women through a wide range of unique channels that offer a variety of information, insight, support, and encouragement through God’s Word.

Our Overall Mission:

Is to bring together mature women and young women from all walks of life, from all over the world to one location (the j4us.com community) to learn, witness, share, and for us to become a source to challenge these women of all spiritual levels to look beyond their circumstances, situations, and individual baggage to God’s eternal plan for their lives.

Our Mission For The Non-Christian Woman:

Is to give them an opportunity to get an intimate look at who Christ is, how He works, His love for them, who He wants to be in their lives, and what God can do in their lives.

Our Mission To The Christian Woman

Is to enlighten, inspire, encourage, inform, and equip her through God’s Word applied to everyday life. And to provide a place for them to share their faith, their victories, and to grow in their relationship with Christ as they learn how to navigate through this thing called life for the glory of God.

These channels cover such areas as:

Teaching Women Who We Are To Be To Each Other As Sisters In Christ Through The Power Of Encouragement & Fellowship

Supply Intercessory Prayer For The Ill, Information To Make Informed Decisions, And Offer Support To Those That Are Suffering

Provide The Tools, Information, And Studies, To Help Godly Women, Develop Holy Habits, And Intimacy With God.

Helping Women To Discover Their Full Potential As Women Of God– Through Their Talents, Spiritual Gifts, And Tackling Issues, That Are Exclusive To Women

Offering Gentile Witnessing To The Lost, Witnessing Skills To The Believer, And Prayer For The Soul

Family Issues
( for both single & married women)
Encouraging And Equipping Women To Build Fruitful Relationships; Helping Women To Appreciate And Understand, The Ministry Of Family in whatever capacity they may be in


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