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  • Need a prayer for my husband to find a job

    My husband was just fired from his job. He is very upset about losing his job especially after losing it because he was wronged by another employee. He wants revenge and is very angry. I want a prayer for him to realize that he needs to leave revenge up to God. I pray that another door opens for him and they God has a better plan that we cannot see at this time. Thank you!

  • Coming To Christ

    My husband is so prideful he can see his need for Jesus in his life he doesn't feel that God has done anything for him. when I try to talk to him about salvation he doesn't want to discuss it. Please pray for my husband that he receives salvation before its too late and that I can be a reflection of Christ Jesus to him.

  • USA Revival

    Please pray that America can repent and turn to Jesus. That Christians can petition God on their knees for our country to align itself with His Will and His Purpose.

  • Need Provision

    Please pray that my business can bring in enough business to financially support myself and my family.