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Prayer And The Heart

by Shelle Frelo A healthy prayer life is developed when we start to view prayer as more of a conversation with God rather than a wish list. The difference is that a conversation goes in two directions instead of only consist of one. Sometimes we can forget that not...

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Principals Of Fasting:

by Shelle Frelo Some people take even the most pure of religious exercises and twist it to their own ends. Fasting is one of those religious acts which people have often misunderstood and misused. So let's be sure that we are clear on what Biblical fasting is not:...

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Prayer for those that enter this home:

God send Your Holy Angels to encamp around them and their families protect them from the enemy’s attacks. Turn all that Satan has planned around for Your Glory. Prevent there from being any outside interference, negativity or attack of the enemy. Let everything be...

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Prayer Phrases

Pray For Ministry, Home, And Self My Spirit stays humble Do what God calls me to do the way He calls me to do it. God would remove all obstacles, hindrances, stumbling blocks, and strong holds in my life so that I can be at all times about His business and not my own....

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How To Pray

I used to think that when I became a Christian I would have these awesome prayers that would spout from my mouth. Truth is that prayer is one of a Christian's least understood yet most powerful tool in their walk with Christ. I used to pray as many Christian's do, out...

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Prayer as a Healing Force

© Dr. Larry Dossey M.D  (Excerpted from Mind-Body Connection - The Center for Mind/Body Medicine You can't go through years of education here in the U.S. without being exposed to the idea that everything is physical. If you have a metaphysical, cosmic experience,...

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When Do You Pray?

by: Cory L. Kemp When do you pray? Prayer is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, the communication factor with God that opens us to grace, hope and the very love of God that transforms our lives. So, when do you pray? Think about that for a moment. Think about...

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A Formula For Prayer

These Four Areas are how we can can establish an intimate, effective prayer life with God: A - Adoration - Praising God for who He is (Psalm 8; Psalm 92:1-8). C - Confession - Admitting to God our sins. Confess specific sins and agree with God that they are wrong....

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