What’s the big hoo-ha about fasting?

There are two very different types of fasts, the physical fasts and the biblical/spiritual fast.  Within these types of fasts there can be several different ways of executing the fast. Both types of fasts usually involve abstaining from food and/or drink, the designation of a specific time frame, and a goal or purpose in mind. However, It is important that one fully understands and comprehends the main differences between physical fasts and biblical/spiritual fasts.  In both cases the fast can last from a few hours, to a few days, to even a month or more depending on what has been decided is a safe time frame. . . what is fasting?

How To Begin A Fast ?

Most people start thinking about fasting when life brings about situations or circumstances that make them think that they need a deeper spiritual awakening, answer, or connection with God. Fasting is much like other things that God has provided for us to help us connect with Him, it is not difficult to execute. Below is a 6 step process to help you as you begin your fasting process. click here to learn How to fast

About Fasting:

Fasting Prepardness

Ways to prepare your mind and spirit for fasting.

What Fasting Is Not

This article helps to dispel the myths and misunderstandings about fasting.

Extensive Demographic Studies

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Fasting Resources:

Fasting In The Bible

Learn about how people fasted through biblical history.

Types of Fasts

Read examples of biblical fasting in the Bible.

List of Scriptures on Fasting

Find a listing of scriptures that relate to fasting.