By Annette Edwards

I am under attack. I have been under heavy battle for the past year, but the war started when I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior at 13 years of age. I dreamed of warfare as a teenager. I remember waking up in the night, heart pounding and drenched in sweat. The dreams were so real. I was in a unnamed foreign land. The fighter planes and helicopters were flying over my head dropping bombs. I would jump behind barriers and duck in trenches to escape the explosions, but I could feel the heat. When I woke up, my back would be burning as if I had really been there. I can remember at least four times dreaming in this manner. I didn’t understand, but they never left my memory

Today’s Scripture Meditation


Although I have realized the spiritual warfare that I’m a part of as a Christian for some time, I realized last night that I have not been prepared for than warfare. I have been taken off guard by most of the attacks. I have spent my Christian life jumping behind barriers and into trenches when the missiles are shot from the adversary whose name is Satan. Last night after a very real attack of fear, God revealed to me that I have been in defensive mode and it is time for me to go into some offensive battle. ” How do I do that?” I asked the Lord. He told me to study my enemy.


“Study Satan?” I questioned. I have spent so much time studying God’s word and getting to know the love, mercy and other personality traits of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, it never occurred to me to study the enemy. Why would I want to know anything about the enemy of God and His people? God said because when countries go to war, they do not go into the war zone before first studying the one they are engaging into battle with. They study the grounds, the history of the enemies attack strategies and war tactics, and everything they can about their adversary. They know the types of weapons their enemy will be using and anticipate the times and places of attacks. Having this knowledge puts them in position to be more aggressive and victorious in battles and eventually win the war.


Weapons in war are used to “impose one’s will upon another person or being.” (Holman Bible Dictionary) Satan historically has used different things to come against God’s people. His purpose is to oppose God’s purposes for His kingdom. Satan can only act within the limits that God sets for him. These acts are used to test fidelity to God. We see evidence of this in the book of Job as Satan asked permission to try Job. A New Testament example is where Jesus told Peter that Satan had asked permission to sift Peter as wheat.


Even with permission, there are limits to what Satan can do. He can tempt us but not inflict force upon us. He can only dominate or possess us by our own consent. God’s word says that we cannot be tempted beyond our power of resistance. Satan has hosts of his own angels of darkness, and he uses human beings who do not have the blood of Jesus covering their lives.


Guest Writer

Annette Edwards