By Shelle Frelo

Realize our obligation to living a focused life before those around us. I’ll share this story with you,   I recently got into a terrible argument it was quite nasty. Usually I walk away or just stay quiet till the other person stops and than we can talk.  However on this particular day it was hot, I was tired, the moon was not aligned with the stars, my shoes were too tight, blah, blah, blah… 


To make a long story short I got really angry used profanity screamed yelled and pretty much acted like a wild woman.


Now this would be perfectly acceptable if I weren’t a Christian but because I am an ambassador for Christ, this was completely unacceptable.  


I had acted in a way that made others believe I had no purpose to my life. After all how could I possibly speak about my love for Christ when I had just lost my ever lovin mind with one of His creations.


I had to do a lot of apologizing the next day but no amount of apologizing will ever remove the tarnish that losing my focus did that day. All the unbelieving ears and eyes that were around that day saw a women who professed to love the Lord act very unloving.  I lost focus that Christ was the big picture not getting my point across.


Staying focused on being the best ambassador that we can be means living our lives for Christ and not ourselves. Phil 1:6


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Shellē Frelo is Founder and President of Just For Us Ministries. JFUM is a non-denominational ministry for women and youth based in Kansas City, Mo. Her ministry offers, discipleship, youth enrichment, community outreaches, and events.

She has written several bible study curriculum for women and youth, devotionals, books on entrepreneurship and women’s ministries, parenting articles, and Christian articles. She has worked in the retail industry as a top level executive, and in education as a behavior interventionist. She has appeared on TBN, spoken at various events, churches, retreats, businesses, and corporate events.

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