j4us.com Devotional Writer

Kathy Mills

II Cor Chapter 12v9 And he said unto me,” My GRACE is sufficient for thee: for  my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ my rest upon thee.

Lately in my community and around the world children have been getting killed,abducted and being left in cars to die in sweltering heat. We are hearing more about the tragedies occurring with children than adults. We are hearing more about their demise and not their up rise. Single parenting can bring the stigma that all single head of household are dysfunctional, but these kids are being taken from all backgrounds. The evil minds of this world don’t care about your family background.. The enemy has no respect of persons. The bible says the enemy walks to and fro looking to see whom he can devour. We have left our future(the children) open to become extinct.

We must show the same love to your children as God has shown us. Grace is unconditional love that God chooses to give us daily. Many of these children are suffering at the hands of people who have never known God’s unconditional love. They have not received Salvation which is given freely to us. September 11,2002 prompted everyone to become more spiritual, to hug and love their families more. Yet, we have lost our fire to protect our children. How come the Columbine incident did not prompt the world to pray for our children? They are becoming an Endangered Species. They must worry about bullets instead of B’s on their report cards. We must extend God’s grace to our children and children in our communities.

Tell them there is a God who give us Salvation. Tell the children they can become free from the bondages of this world. Tell them they can be free of worldly standard of free. Our challenges are great as women and as women with children, but God. God says we are more than conquerors. He says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Salvation is God’s life preserver for our lives, a deliverance from the powers of sin.. Grace in the Webster’s dictionary means a special favor unmerited(not earned),divine assistance given to humans for regeneration. God gives us Grace to renew us daily. The bible says though the outward man perish,the inward man is renewed by day day. As Saved Single Moms God gives us the promise that our seeds shall be blessed. They will be renewed day by day. We can tell our children that no matter what life brings them, through God all things are possible. We can tell them through Salvation and Grace they can be free from sin and renewed by God’s love everyday.

Only God’s love can bring Salvation and Grace. Jesus died that we may be set free from the bondages of this world. The cross brought us everything we need to live a sin-free life. Sin is anything that is the opposite of God’s word. God’s love makes us free from the things of this world. The bible says he gives us a way of escape from every situation. My God…This means he will give us a route to follow. God’s word is the route in which we can remove ourselves from the fiery darts lucky”. Lucky means to come upon something by chance.  God has preordained everything…nothing is by chance.