By Angie Sheets

The first thing I think of when I hear that there is a spiritual storm or any storm for that matter on the way, is the story of Jesus and His disciples when they were about to cross the waters; Jesus told his disciples that they were going to the other side and then He fell asleep.


However as the wind and the rain came upon them they were filled with fear. The disciples feared that since the Master was asleep that He did not care about their well being and secondly that they were going to all perish in the storm.

But when they awoke Jesus, He then rebuked them addressing the issue of faith in His word.


Although I am one of those who also come up against the storms of life, as we all do, and once again facing the cross- I must acknowledge as difficult as it may seem that I have been prepared before hand by the Lord Himself to make it to the other side,however in order to safely make it to the other side I must call myself to rememberance of the things in which He has already spoken to me concerning His will for my life-I must believe more in the word of the Lord in the midst of every circumstance then I do the circumstances themselves- and openly declare to the heavenlies and the situation at hand what the Lord has said. secondly I must reject the temptaion of self pity–no body cares, I am all alone…and so on.


The Lord sometimes uses the storms as He did with Paul in the book of Acts to carry us out of the plans of man and carry us to His appointed destination for us. So we must not let fear or self pity side track or rob us from our total victory.



1Tim 1:18


This charge I commit to you, son Timothy (put your own name here) according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.


Guest Writer

Angie Sheets