A Partner is someone who is committed to this ministry and shares its vision.

Thank you for considering becoming a Just For Us Ministry Partner.


Our first partner of course in everything we do is Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We do however believe in the power of partnership between people and ministry to impact lives for the glory of God.

The Reality Of Ministry:

The reality of ministry is, it takes money to do ministry. The other reality is provision is made through people like you making the commitment  to support this ministry as the Holy Spirit leads.

Why is money needed for ministry?

Our ministry works very, very hard to offer Bible Studies, Resources, Online Aids, Events, and Other Ministry Resources at no cost or at as minimal cost as possible; We depend on people like you—faithful partners who join in our mission to see lives impacted for the cause of Christ as we are sure our Savior will be returning soon and we want to share His Gospel and His Truth with people everywhere that God permits us to go and in as many ways as He permits us to share.

What is required of me as a partner?

There is no specific dollar amount required to become a partner. We do, however, encourage you to pray for us daily and give a monthly financial gift to help further our vision. Partnering with this ministry should be considered prayerfully and done as an act of love for people and in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

What do I receive as a partner?

Partners Receive:

  •  Monthly Partnership e-Newsletter
  • j4us-Partnership Kit
  • Business/Ministry/Name printed on our website’s “Partners Page” (optional)
  • Opportunity to be one of our spotlight partners in one of our monthly e-newsletters

With your help we can continue to provide for God’s people through encouragement, evangelism,  and discipleship.

Please pray about becoming a Just For Us Ministries Partner Today.

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