Dear Ask-A-Sister:

I’m currently in college majoring in social work while in my second year I was told by God to go to culinary school. I presently attend both schools, my problem is that every time I tell others that I go to culinary school because God wants me to open a Christian restaurant everyone feel like I’m stupid and it really making me think that all the money that I’m spending in culinary school is a waste. I’m 33 years old and I’m the mother of 6. I’m presently at war with the devil with my kids and I feel that by me stopping school is just the enemy

way of pulling me down please tell me what you think I should do.

God Bless Your sister in Christ


Dear Trying To Find Yourself…

You asked your question in two parts but I really think that your questions are the same. You are looking for you clarity of purpose to come for the people around you.

If you truly feel that God has called you to start a ministry in a restaurant than how could you expect that the people around you would understand that. Ministry comes in all forms and

We must recognize that ministry can be the hand on the shoulder, a smile to someone that hasn’t heard a kind word in a long time, or even a restaurant that only purpose may be to offer a well cooked meal to one person that hasn’t had one for a very long time.

God’s plans are always more phenomenal than we could ever imagine. It is no wonder that we find them so remarkably hard to comprehend or accept.

This brings me to my next suggestion get in touch with really listening to the voice of God. I can’t tell you how often I have been guilty of saying God told me when all along it was Shelle that was doing the talking. Ask yourself some questions and ask God to really speak to your heart.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How is what I’m doing going to are is glorifying God?
  2. Is starting a restaurant a business that can help to further the kingdom of God and how?
  3. Why am I more concerned with the opinion of others than pleasing my God’s calling?

These are some tough questions but if you answer them honestly and seeking God you will find the truth. The restaurant sounds wonderful but keep this in mind the difference between a dream and a ministry is one is of God and the other is of ourselves.


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