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Dear Stuck In A Dead End Job

Dear Ask-A-Sister: I'm a Christian who is a wife and a mother of a 5 and 3 year old.  I do not have a close Christian friend I can talk to.  I'm really depressed right now.  I work 3 days a week at a job I absolutely despise but it pays me very well and allows me...

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Dear Forgiveness

Dear Ask-A-Sister: I have a question about forgiveness. How do I forgive someone who deceived me, resolve feelings of betrayal within me.   Dear Forgiveness... Forgiveness is hard to do no matter how large or small the problem. But it is necessary for the...

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Dear Need A Fine Man

Dear Ask-A-Sister: I have a problem that I really need some clarity on. I pray to God that you will choose my question to answer. God has shown me my husband and has told me that we will work closely together in ministry. I am thankful to God with the WAY He revealed...

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Dear Seeking Forgiveness

Dear Ask-A-Sister: How do you forgive someone who deceived you and let the feelings of anger, bitterness and shame, go? How do resolve feelings within yourself, when you know that having a relationship with someone who is not a Christian is wrong, but because of your...

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Dear Willing To Compromise

Dear Ask-A-Sister: I know that having a relationship with someone who is not a Christian is wrong, but because of my loneliness and unbelief that God knows what I'm feeling. Because of my loneliness I what I know in my heart is wrong? Basically, how do I forgive...

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Dear Trying To Find Yourself

Dear Ask-A-Sister: I'm currently in college majoring in social work while in my second year I was told by God to go to culinary school. I presently attend both schools, my problem is that every time I tell others that I go to culinary school because God wants me to...

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