Her Family:

This j4us channel handles all aspects of family life.


Beauty & Style:

Find something for your style here, tricks, tips, and information. Keep up to date on what’s new when it comes to beauty, fashion, hair, skincare, makeup and more.

Her Wheels:

Here you will find items especially designed for our readers.


Homestead Living

The Natural way of living is a way of life. Learn how to do the way life the homestead way.

In The Garden

This j4us channel shares tips, ideas, and solutions for indoor, outdoor, flower, herb, and vegetable gardens.

Around The House

This channel offers diy how to’s, household hints, cleaning, and more.


She Works

This channel provides information and resources for women who have home-based businesses; those seeking work; those who have a corporate or small business; those that are in the work environment, and career moms.

My Pet BaBy:

What a fun channel. Find information, videos, home remedies, recipes, and more to help any pet parent keep their furry, scalely.



Editors Needed

If God has gifted you with the ability to make the written word the best that it can be we need you. Prayerfully consider joining j4us.com’s Editor’s Club…click here for details


Welcome To j4us.com

Just For Us Ministries Online Women’s Community

Jesus Is Lord And He Love You:

I am working to renovate this website. As I complete a section I will make that section active. You will be able to tell what sections are active by looking for the red “Active” word under the channel title.

This Month's Memory Scripture:

September 2017

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’…” – Matthew 25:40

For The Spirit:
Read devotionals and Christian Bible devotions free online. Inspirational, encouraging and uplifting!
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The Prayer Closet:
The Prayer Closet is a j4us channel that teaches its viewers how to prayer, when to pray, what to pray about, and where prayer can take place. Find tools to help start, increase, and ignite your prayer life.

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Discipleship & Evangelism:
This channel offers the weeks news and headlines from a Christian perspective. From what makes the front page to what’s important to the Christian community; this channel explores it all the good, the bad, and the ugly offering solutions, commentaries and suggestions on how Christians can glorify God through the headlines.

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What’s Cookin:
This channel offers recipes, cooking solutions, how to’s, and more… Find recipes from bowling eggs to roasted alligator.
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Its A Church Thing:

This channel provides information and resources for church folk. Find resources, tips, how to’s, information, and links that help those that work, volunteer, and are called into ministry to do God’s work more efficiently Get great articles on how to resolve conflict in the church and ministry to articles on how to bring a much needed idea to the board successfully.


Know Jesus:
Jesus was born, died, and rose again just for you. So that He could be the tool that re-built bridge between you and God. If you been searching for something or someone to fill that unfulfilled space; or maybe you just want to know what this who Christianity thing is all about don’t think about just click on the link now, before Satan has a chance to change your mind.
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Ask-A- Sister:
Ask a sister is a j4us channel that offers biblical advice, information, and answers from our readers.
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The Overcomer:

The channels found in The Overcomer are for women who are broken because of addiction, the sex trade, or sexual sin.


Single & Satisfied:

Being single can sometimes be a hard long journey, filled with disappointments, anxiety, and fear. But the great thing is it doesn’t have to be. This j4us channel celebrates the ministry of singleness.

Crafters Corner:

If crafting and making homemade things is your thing then this is the j4us channel for you. Find articles, how to’s, and even links to other great crafting sites. You find information on Art & Artists, Card Making, Doll Making, General Crafts, Knitting, Seasonal Crafts, Woodworking.


Baby & Me:

Get baby parenting tips; information, resources, tools, and links on pregnancy, children’s health, your child’s development, prenatal care, how to get pregnant, breast feeding, being pregnancy and more.


Health & Wellness:

Taking care of ourselves and keeping our selves healthy is the best way to help those around us. In this area these online channels offer information, resources and links on women’s health and wellness.

Her Marriage:

Marriage was designed to be God’s perfect reflection of His relationship to His church. This area offers online channels that offer tools to help inform, improve, restore, and sustain marriage.

I Am Woman:

This j4us channel focuses on life as it pertains to being a woman. All designed to address issues that pertain to be a chosen vessel of God.

Parenting University:

From discipline to praise; from homeschooling to parenting teens, this j4us channel has to resources, links, tools and information to help you with parenting today’s youth.

The NewsStand:

This channel offers the weeks news and headlines from a Christian perspective. From what makes the front page to what’s important to the Christian community; this channel explores it all the good, the bad, and the ugly offering solutions, commentaries and suggestions on how Christians can glorify God through the headlines.

Her Stewardship:

Her Stewardship is a j4us channel that offers tools, articles, resources, money saving tips, how to’s, and more to help women become better stewards of the financial resources God provides them.

The Reading Room:

The Reading Room is a j4us channel that has book reviews, book clubs, poetry, short stories, and more.


Celebs In The Faith:

This channel gives insight to the rich and famous who are followers of Christ Jesus.

Rachel’s Hope:

This j4us channel helps women going through infertility. Viewers will find information, tools, tips, aids, support, and more all dealing with the subject of infertility.



Wedding Bells:

This j4us channel is for those women experiencing the excitement of planning a wedding. Everything you need to plan your wedding, from Wedding dresses to planning tools; wedding ideas to inspiration.


Faith In Action:

This channel provides information, resources, links, opportunities, and help on how to give legs and action to your faith. Whether it’s an entire community, a local church, or one person putting our faith in motion for God’s glory is how we work to share God’s love. This channel also keeps its viewers informed as to those who are on the front-lines for their.


And God Created SEX:

This j4us channel helps women explore their sexuality through the Word of God. It covers channels from the taboo to Q & A; from topics that tackle how to maintain a virgin or celibate lifestyle when your body is saying it’s time now and all topics in between.

"Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people..." - Ephesians 6:7



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